Own Branded / White Label

At Chulo Naturals we appreciate that not everyone has the time to create a complete own brand range so we offer you the option of white label. Chulo Naturals offer you the opportunity to create your own white label range from our unique base recipes. MOQ for white label is 100.

Products available for White Label are:-

  • 200g CBD Bath Bomb Balls
  • 4ml tube Lip Balm 
  • 30ml glass bottle Face Oil 
  • 30g glass jar Eye Gel – with Hyaluronic Acid
  • 50ml glass jar Face Cream
  • 50g glass jar Face Mask – 5 assorted mineral clays
  • 60ml glass jar Body Balm 
  • 200ml PET jar Body Scrub
  • 60ml glass jar Hand Cream
  • 200g PET Jar Bath Salts
  • 100g Bath Bomb Balls
  • 100g Slice Soaps
  • 50ml glass bottle Beard Oil
  • 500g PET bottle Muscle Soak
  • 50ml glass jar Deodorant 
  • 100g glass jar Cooling Rub
  • 250g PET bottle Hand Wash
  • 250g PET bottle Hand Lotion
  • 250g PET bottle 2-in-1 – bubble bath & shower gel

It is important to note that when selling a product under your own brand, it is your company’s responsibility to ensure that the product complies with the EU regulations & is on the new UK Cosmetic Portal. The individual within your company who takes on this responsibility is known as the Responsible Person.

We have created a Product Information File (PIF) summary for all our standard products. This document contains the key details about the product including all the information you need to register the product on the EU Cosmetic Product Notifications Portal (CPNP)/UK Cosmetic Portal.

When building your own brand you might wish to have bespoke recipes purely for your usage. We offer a bespoke formulation service and samples back and forth, taking you through the CPSR process & any relevant testing that need to be done. If you are looking to create your own bespoke formulations please email Claire at:-   info@chulo-naturals.co.uk

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