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  1. Can I have my name on your products?
    Yes, we call it white label wholesale. We provide retail ready items with al the legal requirements in a label to the back.  You can apply your logo label to the front..

  2. Am I restricted as to what I charge?
    No, while we will give you a RRP the choice is entirely yours.

  3. Do you register my products for me?
    No, you are required to do this.  We do however offer you PIF with all the information you need to do this.

  4. Can I design my own labels?
    You can we do however not provide advertising/logo labels.

  5. Can you make products from my own recipe?
    We can, we refer to this as Own Brand.  All recipes however need to fulfil strict regulations so we may need to make some tiny changes and get them licensed.

  6. It is really natural?
    Well the majority of our products are 100% natural some are 95% and the remaining few 90%, so YES they are.

  7. Is there a huge set up fee to start my own brand?
    No, we have a low MOQ of just 100 compare tomany companies who ask for upwards of 20kg.

  8. Can I request samples before placing a wholesale order?
    Yes you can. We provide full size samples for you try. We will charge you wholesale prices for these samples which will be offset against your first wholesale order.